Lean Six Sigma Training in Washington

Lean Six Sigma Training in Washington course is aligned with ASQ & IASSC). Both are the leading certifying bodies. This course provides an overview of lean six sigma. Lean six sigma is a process that depends on the collective effort of the team in improving the quality to automatically eliminate waste and reduce variations. The course modules consist of the lean six sigma core principles. Insight about the right ways to develop quality applications and projects. Usage of Minitab tools to carry out statistical analysis is taught in this certification course. The course is aligned to ASQ and IASSC exam pattern and thus prepared with case studies and real examples.

DMAIC and lean methods are integrated into this course to make you skillful and implement continuous improvement in your organization.The statistical methodology used to enhance the processes in the organization to resolve problems is called lean six sigma. It is a method that helps the team to focus on the growth by working towards continuous improvement by optimizing the process. The objective of the course is to make the participant familiar with the theory, composition, and implementation of the six sigma initiative in the organization. The participant will learn to use the analytical tools for (DMAIC) defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling the process in the organization.

Further, one can learn to manage the team and the projects. You can become familiar with the ways to lead complex processes and improve the process. Thus you will know how to improve projects and provide customer satisfaction. Also, you can master the art of reducing the variation. It will teach you how to create charts and process maps. Six Sigma is a methodology used to improve business processes by utilizing statistical analysis rather than guesswork. Processes are improved by controlling variation and understanding the intricacies within them. This results in more predictable and profitable business processes.

Six Sigma is more than “training”; it is an approach based on data and geared toward projects with quantifiable business outcomes. This proven approach has been implemented within a wide range of industries to achieve both hard and soft money savings, while increasing customer satisfaction. For instance, in 1999 GE Capital was able to save $2 Billion with Six Sigma.6Sigma.us is at the forefront of Six Sigma certification and consulting services. We assist organizations with all aspects of the implementation process from training Six Sigma Champions to certifying employees at various belt levels.

We can help your company determine the right individuals who would benefit from training and advise on how to choose potential projects. Those who implement and back the introduction of Six Sigma within the firm. Company executives who lead Six Sigma by backing projects. Leaders responsible for choosing employees to be “Belts” and mentoring project leaders. Individuals who receive instruction regarding the basic principles of Six Sigma and its methodology. Masters of Six Sigma Methodologies with proven track records.

Lean Tools in Action This course will provide you with an introductory understanding of Lean strategies and basic improvement methodologies within the context of a project or an organizational unit. You will also appreciate the application of value stream maps and swim lane maps in both analysis and design. Operational Excellence – Tools of the Trade This course builds upon earlier courses in the Operational Excellence (OpEx) track and provides practical experience on the basic methods used by experienced practitioners to create lasting process improvements.

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