Lean Six Sigma Training in Florida

Lean Six Sigma Training in Florida which relies on a proven, systematic set of tools in Lean Six Sigma, and Business Process Management (BPM), which relies on a systemic view and a technology enabled approach will create greater value for both customers and the company. The integration and consolidation of these two approaches to process improvement will not only identify and eliminate waste, it will also align and better utilize information systems, promote cross departmental collaboration and keep the customer front and center throughout.

When BPM is integrated with Lean Six Sigma there is a greater chance that the new value added activities can be automated and institutionalized such that people say “this is how we do things around here.” Take advantage of pairing Lean Six Sigma with BPM to better cope with increasing complexity.Know that the integration of BPM and Lean Six Sigma will enable key conversations at the senior leadership team level on not just doing things right – but also “doing the right things.”For almost 20 years, BPMInstitute.org has been a market leader in BPM training and certification according to Forrester Research, and has helped more than 50,000 business executives advance their careers.

The bottom line is, if you want to get ahead, then our program is a winning choice.The Operational Excellence Associate (OEA) Certificate is an alternative to traditional Yellow Belt programs. Our integrated, comprehensive program provides you with the powerful combination of Six Sigma, Lean and BPM skills. The Operational Excellence Professional (OEP) Certificate signifies that you have acquired expert knowledge in critical areas. This program is an alternative program for Green Belts who want a systemic view and a technology-enabled approach by leveraging a powerful combination of Six Sigma, Lean and BPM skills.

 It’s also for Black Belts who wish to build on their knowledge of Six Sigma and Lean by mastering a broad view of Operational Excellence. Operational Excellence 101We will present an Operational Excellence framework with 7 key elements that can create strategic alignment.This includes aspects of strategy, culture, metrics, methods and project management. Participants will learn to appreciate how to apply Business Process Management as the discipline that links improvement and process design efforts directly to the management system and to organizational strategy.

Lean Six Sigma & BPM This course outlines the relationship of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Business Process Management (BPM) to Operational Excellence (OpEx) and provides insight into the needed skills and tools. Participants will be introduced to the basic tools for understanding, measuring, and managing variation using the DMAIC process, DFSS and DMADV as well as the power of technology enabled BPM approaches.Lean Tools in Action This course will provide you with an introductory understanding of Lean strategies and basic improvement methodologies within the context of a project or an organizational unit.

You will also appreciate the application of value stream maps and swim lane maps in both analysis and design. Operational Excellence – Tools of the Trade This course builds upon earlier courses in the Operational Excellence (OpEx) track and provides practical experience on the basic methods used by experienced practitioners to create lasting process improvements.The emphasis is not on theory – instead the focus is to provide participants with hands on exercises and the real-world experience needed to achieve improvement goals.

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